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ONAM is a high-performance, regulatory compliant, a trading platform that features robust risk-management, trade surveillance, advanced trading tools, and state-of-the-art security system powered by machine learning.

15.600.000 $


1 Oct 2018
21 Dec 2018

About the project

ONAM introduces a fully compliant platform, committed to their mission — led by professionals that are ready to take crypto exchanges out of murky waters of noncompliance and welcome mass adoption. By launching the ONAM exchange, we want to resolve the shortcomings and other issues our competitors are facing and create a scalable, and transparent exchange that’s able to handle future mass adoption. ONAM’s collection of advanced tools and features will help boost the individual experience of novice and seasoned traders. Traders will have access to platform tools that leverage innovative technology through automated trading bots and algorithms, a customizable multilingual modular interface, risk management, and robust technical analysis tools. ONAM platform features, an exceedingly powerful trade matching engine that can process over ten million transactions per second and is further scalable. Utilizing ONAM Advanced Threat Prevention and Intrusion Detection powered by machine learning to secure our platform. With the help of machine learning technologies, we will be able to detect any irregular activities and our Advanced Threat Prevention system will flag any potential problems in real-time, preventing breaches before it is too late. ONAM is taking steps to become fully compliant and working with regulatory bodies on its plans to obtain a Broker-Dealer license, money transmitter license and register as an Alternative Trading System with the SEC.


Alex Jumaev
Co-Founder and CEO
Otto Inagamov
Co-Founder and CFO
Vladimir Nadygin
Jay Darousse
Jennifer Tran
Alisher Achilov
Senior Software Developer
Mason Tope
Software Developer
Vitali Pankin
Senior UI/UX Developer