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BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION IN BANKING We will make cryptocurrencies useful for you in daily life

106.600.000 Euro


20 Mar 2018
31 Dec 2018

About the project

Traditional banking features are defined as standing and collection orders, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, salary accounts, deposits and withdrawals, etc. Innovative benefits of Blockchain technology include anonymity, free payment features, real-time banking, advanced security features and more. By combining traditional banking capabilities with those of blockchain technologies, crypto currencies will be made accessible to the entire daily life. That means, purchases in the bakery, butchery, in the textile business, online shop or also collection and standing orders for electricity, gas, rent, local taxes (garbage, canal, water charges …) can be carried out using both crypto and FIAT currencies. These services will be freely accessible worldwide, regardless of their origin, wealth status or other personal circumstances.


Christian Strasser
CEO | Investor | Product & Business Development
Thomas Liebert
CFO | Investor | Business Development
Ernst Gaulhofer
CTO | Investor | Research & Development
Cosmin Burtica
Senior Software Innovator