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A unique decentralized recruitment platform using Blockchain technology to facilitate better connections, faster.

35.000.000 $


1 Aug 2018
9 Dec 2018

About the project

We’re making recruitment and job hunting a whole lot easier, and better. By ranking peoples’ scores against the Magnetics Employment Capital Index recruiters and employers can accurately measure the potential suitability of each candidate. Tomorrow’s jobs don’t exist yet. As the job landscape evolves and new roles are born, understanding a person’s aptitude to take on new functions becomes ever more important. To accurately project a candidate’s ability to adapt will require verification of their employment history, and supporting life skills/experience. Magnetics’ platform does exactly that. Leveraging Blockchain technology, the Magnetics platform records, verifies and evaluates a worker’s employment background, qualifications and life experience (including references, soft skills, communication, contacts, grades etc). Magnetics’ networked intelligence systems validate and quantify this data to produce a verified adaptability score called the Magnetics Employment Capital Score (MECS).

Key dates

Q1 2019
Phase 1

Design of user Magnetics user profile interface and architecture

Q2 2019
Phase 2

MECS verification functionality design and development

Q1 2019
Phase 3

Develop of primary smart contracts and token functionality for MECS powered Magnetic services

Q2 2019
Phase 4

Recruitment agency functionality optimisation

Q2 2019
Phase 5

Release of Magnetics Data Protocol

Q3 2019
Phase 6

General access release

Q4 2019
Phase 7

Release of MECS Score and indexing dashboard UI


Adam Kilshaw
CEO, Co-Founder
Kevin Gornall
Leslie Dundas
Johnny Marques
Head of Creative at Magnetics
Oliver Van-Hay
Head of Commercial
Nate Raine
Head of Marketing
Will Liddle
Magnetics Legal Liaison Officer
Raj Pakiyanathan
Business Development Manager