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LaneAxis is a cloud-based freight management platform. A 6-year old mature company with a PATENTED SaaS model and market-tested MVP, LaneAxis has a long-term vision for transforming transportation via the blockchain.

300M Axis Tokens


1 Aug 2018
31 Dec 2018

About the project

Breaking Down the Problem; Building the Solution Today a global transportation network simply does not exist. Millions of trucks move empty every day - adding up to BILLIONS of wasted miles every year - because Shippers/Manufacturers don’t know where the driver is and drivers don't know where available loads are in their area. The main culprit for this broken system is old technology and outdated processes, such as phone calls and emails to track each driver, and paper invoices for every load moved. Building the industry-first driver network will eliminate these empty moves and drive massive cost savings across the entire supply chain, ultimately resulting in lower prices for the individual consumer.

Key dates

July 2014
Filed patents around Real-Time Shipper-Carrier Optimization Platform (#9928475)

Q4 2015
Project beta testing

Q3 2017
Launched Budbo.io, LA team assessing Blockchain for industry needs Q2 '17 Formed Blockchain team

Q3-Q4 2018
LA token sale

Q1 2019
Beta testing

First shippers added to network to start beta testing "find available capacity", beta testing "real-time tracking" etc

Q1-Q4 2020
LA product launching

Q1 LA Freight payment is pushed to network for immediate payment to carrier from the token; Q2 First predictive load matching; Q4 First shipper to post load for bidding into the network.

Global expansion


Rick Burnett
Mason Burnett
VP of Blockchain Integrations
Andrew Rivera
Juan Otero
Corporate Startegist
Sebastian Spiteri
Blockchain Engineer
Amarpreet Singh
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Clint Johnson
VP of Sales
Megan Jones
VP of Client Relations