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Bonafi is a Blockchain company based in Los Angeles. Our team is dedicated in solving the problem of counterfeit products plaguing the world. Each one of us here at Bonafi has been a victim to counterfeit goods, and we are personally invested in eradicating it from our society.

15.000.000 $


24 Sep 2018
23 Dec 2018

About the project

The Platform is designed to permit users to verify genuine goods throughout the supply chain using the App powered by BONA Tokens. Bonafi plans to track goods through the supply chain using its proprietary Crypto-TagTM, which will be added to each product. The Crypto-TagTM is expected to deliver relevant data to the Platform allowing the end-user to verify a product’s authenticity using the App. The information we are planning to store in each Crypto-TagTM includes a cryptographically encrypted data that contains the product supply information such as the original manufacturer of the product, when it was produced, where it was produced, when it arrived at an authorized reseller’s store, and in some cases the current or past registered owners (with their permission, of course).


Steve Kuh
SEO and Founder
Dr. Byong Min Lee
Abraham Kim